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Non Residents of Spain tax guide.

Capital Gains Tax Spain.

Capital gains for non residents or second home owners in Spain is charged at a flat rate of 21%. Buying costs and certain other costs can be offset before capital Gains are applied, for further information contact us today.

If you are non resident of Spain at sale the Notary will deduct 3% of the sale price as tax on account.

Yearly wealth tax for non residents of Spain.

Only applicable for assets with a net value above € 700k tax band range 0.2% to 2.5% of value of asset.

Income tax and when it is payable for non fiscal residents of Spain.

Rental income or other income generated in Spain by a non Spanish tax payer is payable at a flat rate of 24.75%. It is payable on gross rental income for EEC members and net rental after running costs for non EEC members.

For owners who do not rent the property out the income tax bracket is still payable at 24.75% it is payable based on 1.1% of the registered Catastral value of the property owned. For more information on renting out your property contact us or go to Renting in Spain page.

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